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Hobbit Stain Glass cake by Zenith-AzuraTiger
Hobbit Stain Glass cake
This is a cake I made.  The "stained glass" part of the cake was made out of chocolate and I used a pure white icing for the base.  It was a pretty interesting endeavor and probably something I'd do again.  


Zenith-AzuraTiger's Profile Picture
Francine Bouma
mm alright..lets see. I'm a girl who loves art and who has been drawing ever since she could pick up and sort of drawing utensil, crayons, markers, pencils, pens, you name it. Um I love animals and I draw all sorts of things from people to horses to anthros to nothing. I also love music and am learning to play the mandolin. But that's about it.

Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: realistic
Well here goes... I'm illustrating a book for someone and yay, for doing it in watercolors.  I knew nothing about watercolor painting so I looked into it and tried to understand all the techniques I could.  So basically all the pictures are drawn and now I'm just down to painting them and I have about 7 of 20 done.  That's not so bad.  I just finished one of the 7 today and wowee, I really liked it.  That's pretty amazing since I can find something wrong with every other picture.  So you think I should be happy bout that and I was but nooooo I had to be stupid and try to take the tape off the edges (which I do so I can get a straight line for a border)  before it was dry and yay, now it's a mess of rip and tear.  I guessssss it's not horrible... but it's bad enough to make me upset.  (since I have the need to write about it).

Frankly I'm disappointed in my stupid nature.  Every other picture I waited for it to be dry but this picture I had to be impatient.... now I just feel like a moron but I guess that's how it is.  maybe I can glue it back together gently but it's annoyyyyying when you have something you like and then you utterly destroooooooooy it...

and it's not often that I actually like a picture that I've done... like a completed picture.  Yeah, I like my sketches, ya, I know how to draw, but painting is a different entity and I don't have as much control over it nor do I always have the patience or know how.  

all well... I guess it won't be so bad later when I look at it.

That's it.. I'm done my sob story.

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